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Apply for COLT, it's easy.  Check out our minimum requirements and fill out the online form and you will hear from the COLT director.  If you have any questions feel to contact us at info@colt.bc.ca or call us at (250) 286-3122.


We believe COLT is the best outdoor leadership program in Canada. Founded in 1977 by Canada’s oldest outdoor education centre, COLT is a learn-by-doing program with the best job opportunities, instructors and learning environment. And for the price no other program comes close to offering as much.


During COLT days are for doing. Students learn hard skills like how to sea kayak, rock climb, whitewater paddle, splint a broken leg, backpack, navigate and mountaineer. And along the way they will develop even more valuable soft skills: group management, leadership, communication, independence and confidence.
COLT_rock climbing_16


Twice a year ten students arrive at Strathcona Park Lodge for a unique experience that will change them forever. The three-month program uses the Vancouver Island backcountry and a world-class outdoor education centre as a classroom to teach leaders and educators invaluable life long skills.


COLT Enrollment Update: February 10, 2015

We accept a maximum of 2 groups of 10 per semester. We guarantee to run at least 1 group per semester but the second group will only run once it has met a minimum amount of participants. To ensure your spot or to inquire about the most recent enrollment phone us at 250-286-3122. Spring Semester […]

Enrolment Update: June 16, 2014

More space in the 2014 Fall Program!! We have enough students to form a second group for this upcoming fall program (August 12- November 12) and thus will open up the enrollment again for new students. We had closed registration until we had received enough students for 2 groups and now that we have enough, […]

Colt Grads: Stories From Afar

I volunteered with The Chris Adaptive Adventures group , we took some handicapped people on an eight day wilderness adventure. My job was to look after a videographer who was,is, making a documentary on “adaptive handicapped adventure ” I was to get him to whatever/wherever he needed to be to get his shots. I was […]