The COLT Experience

Why we think COLT is the best

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We really do believe that COLT is the best outdoor adventure program in Canada. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best program for everyone. Read COLT director Jim Miller’s take on why he likes the program and who it’s best suited to. He is always happy to talk to you in person or on the phone.

In brief here are five reasons why we think it’s a great program:

Price: for the time spent in the field the price can’t be beat. Comparing COLT to other programs, particularly college programs, is like comparing a swim suit to a canoe. COLT’s price includes all the accommodation and food during the entire three months. No other program offers that. Most college programs are only charging course fees. Living expenses (housing and food) are your responsibility. That’s a significant cost over two years.

Efficiency: want to get working in the industry already? The COLT program is one of the fastest and most affordable ways of gaining the experience and education to become a sea kayak guide or outdoor educator. In three months you will be employable with many of the same skills as college grads.

Job opportunities: COLT’s curriculum is designed to create employable outdoor leaders. Successful COLT graduates may be offered a spot in Strathcona Park Lodge’s practicum, an on the job training program for outdoor educators. It’s excellent real world job experience and a great way to join the staff at Strathcona, one of Canada’s busiest and best outdoor education centres. You will meet many college program graduates working at Strathcona. Plus COLT graduates can be found all over the outdoor industry.

The Lodge: it’s an intangible, but living at Strathcona Park Lodge between out trips is a bonus compared to other programs where you’ll be living in an apartment or a hostel. At Strathcona you will be inspired, mentored and befriended by the employees. They will help you understand the outdoor industry, inspire you to see where you could be working and what you can be doing in three short months. They will also act as your network as you begin your outdoor career, helping you hear about and land future jobs.

Group life: you will spend three months living and learning with your COLT colleagues. It’s intense and incredibly valuable, forcing you to develop leadership, group dynamics and group management skills in a real world setting. College programs cannot offer this intense learning environment.